Nacka LHK is based in Stockholm, and as it stands today blossomed out of two clubs: Nacka LHK, a youth club formed in 2007, and Täby IFK, an adult club formed in 1993. Since joining together in 2013, the club has grown in membership and success, attracting players from all over the world who have moved to Sweden's capital, as well as a few native Swedes. This is the fourth consecutive year that the Ladies team comes to the EuroHockey Club Challenge, at the same time as their male counterparts represent Sweden in the EuroHockey Club Challenge in Denmark. 

Shirt# Name Age
1 LENSING Ann-Kathrin GK 30
2  DE NIET Julia  23
4 WALSH Rachel Cpt. 30
6 BREITENEGGER Lisa-Marie 26
8 DRUIVEN Diana 34
9 THÖRNBLOM Lovisa 27
10 DRIESCHER Caroline 24
11 TARNOCZI Nicole 24
12 BROOKS Katie  20
13 CHAN Carmen  37
16 SHAWKAT Aylin 25
17 RISCHEN Myrte 26
19 VAN VLIET Marjolein 26


Colours 1st 2nd
Shirt light blue black
Skirt white black
Socks light blue black
GK Shirt red yellow
Coach STANICZEK Lukasz  
Manager BREITENEGGER Manfred  
Stand-In Manager CHERIFI Lennart